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Thank-you for choosing Surrey Pretty Paws to groom your dog.

Your dog will be groomed to a high standard using the best products in a state of the art grooming van.

To maintain the highest possible standards of customer service possible, there are some conditions.


Handling of your dog:

Your dog will be handled with the uttermost care, they will never be left un-attended on the table, restrained so they are safe and comfortable and positive re-enforcement methods will be used to encourage their co-operation. Sometimes it will be necessary to use a muzzle, buster cone and/or a grooming hammock to perform some parts of the groom. This is for the groomers and your dogs safety and will only be used when needed. They will always be the correct size to be comfortable for the dog.  


I both cash and card payments, which are due at the time of the appointment. Late payments will be charged for at a rate of £2 a day. 


Grooming schedules:

Dogs that require regular coat care should be groomed on a regular schedule, I ask that wherever possible clients should stick to a regular 6/8/10/12 week grooming schedule to maintain coat quality and prevent matting and the need for a shave off. Any dogs not being groomed on the recomended schedule will be charged extra for as appropriate. 


Matting and clip offs:

Long coated breeds should be brushed at home between grooming.

If your dog is matted it will cost an extra £10 per 10 minuets of brushing required. This is because I have allotted a time slot for your groom and if it takes longer than I have booked I will be late for my next client. 

It is only possible for me to de-matt a dog for between 20-30 minuets at a time without breaching the animal welfare act, depending on how well the dog tolerates it. Therefore any dog with severe matting will need to be clipped off (where appropriate) or have me come back for daily brushing sessions until it is brushed out. These incur a charge of £10 for a clip off or £15 a session for daily brushing. 

I will not clip off double-coated breeds (GSD’s, Golden Retrievers, Collies, Chihuahuas, etc) without medical reason (with a vets letter). The only exception to this is belly strips through the summer months.

Fleas\other parasites:

If your dog has fleas I need to know at the time of collection so that they can be treated appropriately. 

Any dog groomed that has fleas will incur an extra £15 charge to cover the costs of cleaning.

Tics will be removed using a tic twister tool and disposed of, however major tic infestations will need to melt with by a vet. 

If I find any other parasites or infestations I will let you know so they can be treated appropriately. 


I will need to be able to park directly outside the property on a drive or on the street where legal and directly outside the home, and plug in an electric cable. This cable must go directly into the wall and not via any sort of extension or multi plug board unless provided by me. If there any any permits or fees needed to be able to park these must be provided by the customer. On busy streets you may need to reserve parking for me the night before, I cannot leave my cable anywhere that another vehicle may have to drive over it, but it can go across a small stretch of pavement. 


No shows/late cancellations:

Any clients that are not home when I arrive for their booked appointment will be charged for the groom. I can only wait 20 minuets, if you are running late. I will leave a calling card for you to arrange the payment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, as much notice as possible is needed so that I can fill the place. Cancelations without 48 hours notice will be charged for at 50% of the groom. No shows are charged at full price. 


All products used on your dog will be suitable pet products and all products used to clean the van will be pet safe. If your dog seems to be having any sort of allergic reaction to a product after the groom, I need to know within 3 days of the appointment, and depending on the severity seek veterinary attention within that timescale.

Complaints procedure:

In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint about the groom, please contact me by phone or email within 3 days of the appointment, where appropriate I will be able to come back and make any necessary changes. In the very unlikely event that there is a more serious/medical complaint, my insurance will take over.  

Social media: 

I will sometimes take photos/videos of your dog being groomed for promotional purposes, this may include their breed and name in the description. I will not add a precise location to any social media posts. If you would prefer I not use your dogs photos, inform me beforehand. 

Covid-19 safety guidelines:

If you are self isolating due to a positive test/covid symptoms/exposure, please re-arrange your appointment. 

I will wear a mask when interacting with any customer. When exchanging the dog, I will put a slip lead on the dog, then you can remove your collars/harness/leash and I will take the dog to the van. Where possible we should try to communicate as much of your grooming preferences via email/text/over the phone in advance. The grooming area and bath will be disinfected between clients. Each dog will get a clean slip lead and towels will be washed before use. 

Data protection:

All data collected by Surrey Pretty Paws will be stored securely and not shared with any other business or persons without permission from the client. Your contact information will only be used to communicate about your dogs appointment/heath and well being, not for any marketing reasons. 

All of these conditions of grooming will be enforced at the groomers discretion.

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