I thought I’d show off one of my girls today! I gave Miffy a long over due bath and tidy up this afternoon when I got back from working. As a dog groomer I feel a lot of shame that she is often the scruffiest dog around Leatherhead.

My Miffy is a special girl, she was born deaf and with only one eye. When we first met her it was uncertain if she would survive or not and we didn’t know if she would ever develop into a proper dog or what would happen to her. But my mum and I decided to give her a change where we could spent more one of one time with her than the friend that breed her would have been able to. Because of her special needs, she isn’t the best at being groomed, she spooks very easily and makes a lot of noise, and because it stresses her out a lot. I try and only wash her when necessary, just brushing regularly and letting her get away with being a scruff. So she hasn’t had a bath since christmas! But she was getting so smelly I couldn’t put it off any longer!

Surprisingly, she was less worse than she normally is, she didn’t bite me at all and only squealed a little bit. And she looks and smells a million times better! Look how pleased with herself she looks. Happy dog and happy dog groomer!



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