Here are some examples of my work, some are in the new van, some are when I used to do in home visits and some are from my training. Grooming is tailored to your preferences, whether you want a breed standard groom or a short sweet pet cut.  I love seeing pictures of my customers’ dogs looking fabulous, so if you can’t see your dog here after their groom, post a picture on the Surrey Pretty Paws facebook page and I’ll add it to the gallery. If you would rather I didn’t post photos of your dog online, please let me know when I am discussing your dog’s groom with you.

This is the Surrey Pretty Paws dog grooming van where your dog will be loved, bathed, blow dried, styled, pedicured and finished with a spritz of doggy fragrance. Its got lighting so dog grooming can take place all day long all year round. When I’m in a safe and secure location and the dogs are happy I can groom your dog with all the doors open so they can see home and smell fresh air.