I’ve been so busy over the last few months, summer was so much of a blur of trips down to the caravan, walks on the beach and a big family wedding that I’ve been a bad groomer/blogger!

For the first year my mum and I decided to store our family caravan on the campsite that we love to visit in North Devon for the whole summer, she had the intention of spending most of her school holidays down there and I would be able to use for it long weekends and trips with my friends and partner, (I can’t tow so have never been able to use it without her!). However she ended up even busier than me and it turned out being just me that really reaped the benefits of being able to go down wherever the mood took me.


Moving on to the real exciting bit, in about mid August I started to feel a bit un-like myself, I couldn’t pin down what it was but I knew something was different, so after some symptom googleing and hours trawling web md I decided just to be safe I would take a pregnancy test, I was 98% I wasn’t, I’ve been on birth control since I was 17 but it was the only thing that matched how I was feeling so I took the plunge and of course it instantly came back positive.

I had my first scan in September and am now 16 and a half weeks.


The biggest question I suppose clients and potential new clients will have is, how will this affect grooming?
Well I’m hoping that now I am able to say, it won’t!
I very much appreciate all of my wonderful grooming clients who were sympathetic and patient with me when I was in the morning sickness phase, and now I’m through that I’ve spent the last two weeks working on my plan for between now and my due date in April.
I am currently recruiting and think I’ve found a suitable candidate who is going to spend the next two months training along side me so that in January she will start a phased take over process part time and building up to run the grooming side of the business for me until I am ready to go back to work. I will still be in the background making sure the standards I have set are matched and am still delivering the excellent customer service I pride myself on. I look forward to introducing her to you once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable halloween and bonfire night next weekend.

Katie xo