This weekend I’m putting down my dog grooming scissors and picking up the dogs lead!

Chris and I are house sitting for a colleague of his and friend of ours, I’m their regular dog groomer so they’ve trusted me to look after their stunning Alaskan Malamute, Kalika.

Its been a lovely weekend, the house is beautiful, we’re quite close to London so took the opportunity to go for dinner in Covent Garden which was very nice.

It’s been a really interesting looking after a dog like Kalika. She’s got a serious hip problem which means she can’t walk very far (she’s having surgery which will hopefully rectify it later in the year). It’s totally opposite to how I’m used to looking after my two very spoilt dogs little dogs. My dogs sleep on my bed, sit on the sofa with me, walk several miles a day and are often seen in the cab of my grooming van. On the other end of the scale, Kalika sleeps outside in a specially built dog garden, eats outside and stays in her outside area when no-one is home and can’t walk more than around the block per day. I know it’s the right thing to do for her health, she’s an Alaskan Malamute, she’s built to be comfortable in arctic conditions, mild British March’s are pretty warm for her! She’s just such a sweet cuddley dog, and I’m so soppy I can’t help but worry! As I write this she’s flopped on the cold tiled floor in the hall because she enjoys the cold.

I’ll be back working as a dog groomer on Monday, after a very pleasant weekend trying something different! But it’s finally going to be crufts week! So watch this space for an update from there.

Katie – Surrey Pretty Paws