Cleany teeth ultra sonic teeth cleaning

Earlier in the year I came back from a trade show trip with a new bit of kit, the cleany teeth ultrasonic pet tooth brush. I spent March and April (especially when I suddenly found myself at home with a lot more time on my hands) testing it out on my own dogs and am pretty pleased with the results. One of my dogs was very sick two years ago with a restricted oesophagus and so can only eat blended/smooth soft food, so chewable teeth cleaning aids are out of the question for her, and she’s a greedy little thing so its very difficult to give my other dog things to chew without her picking them up. We have to be super careful nothing is dropped from the table by my son or left laying around. But her teeth were getting worse and worse and she had to have some teeth taken out and descaled just before xmas so I was looking for something that could help.

6 months later I am seeing a huge improvement in their teeth status, they are free from brown staining and horrible smelling breath most of the time, and I now only have to do a maintenance clean about once a month to keep them perfect. And with a de-scale at the vets costing £150ish it feels like a big saving. So I decided to see if this would benefit my clients too. I started with a friends dogs, who volunteered Annie and Murphy as my first client guinnea pigs. She generally keeps her dogs teeth very well but they were starting to show small brown stains at the top of the teeth, Murphy’s were totally gone in one session and Annie’s took two to get perfect white teeth again.

Some of my regular clients will have seen the leaflets I was handing out with grooms in May and June, and I’ve had some great results with a teeth clean being added onto a groom.
Chase had some light brown staining and was getting a bit smelly breath, he just had one session and I managed to remove most of the staining and his owner reports his breath stayed much nice as a result.

Chase’s teeth after one session:


So if you think your dog would benefit from some teeth cleaning get in touch today.


First session – £35 (£25 alongside a groom package)
Additional sessions – £30 (£20 alongside a groom package)
6 week course discount, ideal for fast removal of plaque build up – £150 for 6 sessions once a week

Doodle Trust Rescue

This week my Friday afternoon consisted of a bit of a change from the regular route of clients dogs. I’d been contacted by a dog rescue organisation called the Doodle Trust Rescue through a facebook group I am a part of that connects rescue facilities to groomers that are willing to give up the odd bit of time to offer free grooms to dogs that come in in horrible states to help them feel better and better their chances of being re-homed sooner.


In Wallington I met Miss Martha, who’s family were sadly no longer able to take care of her so surrendered her into care. She was very shy and nervous, I spent 15 mins coaxing her to me on the kitchen floor while she hid under the table before she would come and say hello.
But once she was in the van she took it all in her stride and was a total super star! Hopefully I’ll hear how she’s getting on and she will find a forever home very soon!


If you run a dog rescue organisation and have a dog that is in need of a professional dog groomer to help its chance of getting re-homed, get in touch via email to if you are local to Surrey (UK) or see the groomers volunteer network facebook page for a nationwide registry of dog groomers who would be happy to help!


Pink or blue?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know, I’ve had my 20 week scan and am very excited to share with the world that I am expecting a baby boy!

Also an update on what is going to be happening in April in regards to my work, currently my plan is to work as long as I can, hopefully up to the end of March. I will be taking a short break up until July (the start of the school holidays) and during my time off I am planning on renting my van out locally to another dog groomer so will be able to pass their number to my regular clients that need to be done while I am off. I will also be able to do a very limited number of small dogs from my home in Leatherhead. In July I will be back part time.

Exciting news!

I’ve been so busy over the last few months, summer was so much of a blur of trips down to the caravan, walks on the beach and a big family wedding that I’ve been a bad groomer/blogger!

For the first year my mum and I decided to store our family caravan on the campsite that we love to visit in North Devon for the whole summer, she had the intention of spending most of her school holidays down there and I would be able to use for it long weekends and trips with my friends and partner, (I can’t tow so have never been able to use it without her!). However she ended up even busier than me and it turned out being just me that really reaped the benefits of being able to go down wherever the mood took me.


Moving on to the real exciting bit, in about mid August I started to feel a bit un-like myself, I couldn’t pin down what it was but I knew something was different, so after some symptom googleing and hours trawling web md I decided just to be safe I would take a pregnancy test, I was 98% I wasn’t, I’ve been on birth control since I was 17 but it was the only thing that matched how I was feeling so I took the plunge and of course it instantly came back positive.

I had my first scan in September and am now 16 and a half weeks.


The biggest question I suppose clients and potential new clients will have is, how will this affect grooming?
Well I’m hoping that now I am able to say, it won’t!
I very much appreciate all of my wonderful grooming clients who were sympathetic and patient with me when I was in the morning sickness phase, and now I’m through that I’ve spent the last two weeks working on my plan for between now and my due date in April.
I am currently recruiting and think I’ve found a suitable candidate who is going to spend the next two months training along side me so that in January she will start a phased take over process part time and building up to run the grooming side of the business for me until I am ready to go back to work. I will still be in the background making sure the standards I have set are matched and am still delivering the excellent customer service I pride myself on. I look forward to introducing her to you once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable halloween and bonfire night next weekend.

Katie xo

Miffy! – Grooming my own dog

I thought I’d show off one of my girls today! I gave Miffy a long over due bath and tidy up this afternoon when I got back from working. As a dog groomer I feel a lot of shame that she is often the scruffiest dog around Leatherhead.

My Miffy is a special girl, she was born deaf and with only one eye. When we first met her it was uncertain if she would survive or not and we didn’t know if she would ever develop into a proper dog or what would happen to her. But my mum and I decided to give her a change where we could spent more one of one time with her than the friend that breed her would have been able to. Because of her special needs, she isn’t the best at being groomed, she spooks very easily and makes a lot of noise, and because it stresses her out a lot. I try and only wash her when necessary, just brushing regularly and letting her get away with being a scruff. So she hasn’t had a bath since christmas! But she was getting so smelly I couldn’t put it off any longer!

Surprisingly, she was less worse than she normally is, she didn’t bite me at all and only squealed a little bit. And she looks and smells a million times better! Look how pleased with herself she looks. Happy dog and happy dog groomer!



To book your dog in for a pamper like mine, go to Surrey Pretty Paws and give me a call or email!